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Stories from Greece

There’s something cotton in the state of Denmark

We are really proud of our interns Carla and Amanda who have managed to set up their very own crowdfunding campaign in their home country, together with a writer called Mads Nygaard. The proceeds will go towards buying fabrics for our workshop in the Eko Project. Let’s gøøøøøøøøø!

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No Mad Makers <3 Eko Project

Over the coming weeks we’ll be doing workshops in the lovely Eko Project. Co-creating bunting, hammocks, curtains and other communal decoration in this autonomous space, located right next to the Vasilika camp that houses 1200 refugees. Laat die handjes en vlaggetjes maar wapperen?! Had to do that in Dutch 😀       

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Chaotic cats, playing at Elpida

Have you ever heard of human knitting? It’s a knitting technique where you use people instead of needles. We thought it would be a lot of fun to do this as our first workshop in the Elpida camp. So we started with gathering donated clothes from the warehouse that were ripped, stained or otherwise unusable. From […]

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Sensitive Mafia Guru shows us around Vasilika

Vasilika refugee camp is a different story from Elpida. The entrance of this old chicken farm which has turned into a camp, is guarded by police. If you are not part of one of the NGOs that are active here, you cannot get in, at least that was what we thought. We meet a boy […]

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Elpida, the 5-star refugee camp

Elpida camp is known as the five star hotel. Located north of Thessaloniki, next to the highway, an old textile factory serves as one the of the refugee camps in the surrounding, controlled by the Greek government. As a volunteer you are a visitor, entering the homes of the 160 refugee families living here. They […]

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In passing

So today, we arrived in Greece. Passing the border, showing our passports, a symbolic way to get into the country that a lot of people are not able to leave. Just because they are the unlucky owners of unwanted nationalities. The way to Greece made us realize how easy we can cross borders as Dutch citizens. […]

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