BAG2WORK: Now selling leftover bags

As you may have seen, our BAG2WORK-campaign on Kickstarter failed to reach its target. To really make a lasting impact in the lives of the refugees who we would employ, we set our target at 500 bags.

This target proved too ambitious and, as a result, the money we raised through Kickstarter will not be transferred to us. We will not be able employ refugees and set up the envisioned production facility, at least not for now.

However, we still have enough rubber boat material and life vest straps lying around to make 30 bags. So to cover our campaign costs, we will make a limited number of bags ourselves and sell them to the people who still want the bag.
This bag will be handmade by ourselves. We have a limited amount of black, grey, blue-grey, light-blue and white boat rubber that we found ourselves on the beaches of Lesvos. So if you’re quick, you can still choose your favourite colour. Then we’ll try to be quick too: we hope to deliver the bags before Christmas.