About us


If our hands were tied, we’d go mad!

We’ve all felt it.
That feeling that the world has big problems.
Too big to ignore. But at the same time too big to do something about.

Floor felt it while watching the news on the refugee crisis.
She decided to focus not on what she couldn’t do, but on what she could do.
So she traveled to Lesvos to help boat refugees.
And she made a plan to turn discarded boats into backpacks.

Together with her friend Didi she designed a bag that refugees could make themselves.
With simple tools, without electricity and within 1 hour.
Empowering them through collaboration.
Offering a positive perspective on the refugee crisis.
It worked.  We influenced the news that influenced us.
No Mad Makers was born.

We empower refugees through workshops.
If possible, we pay them for their work.
Increasing their autonomy.
Going by the golden rule.
Because if our hands were tied, we’d go mad.

meet the No Mad Makers

Previously we were known as 'It Works'. Our first project was a great success, but ironically... the name didn't really work ;-)
Interview with Floor & Didi
On National television (mostly in Dutch)

Our values


We help refugees help themselves


As independent as humanly possible


Fun is at the heart of everything we do