So long Greece, until we meet again…

As we have our hands full on our bag project in Amsterdam, we are slowly wrapping up our Greece project. Didi already flew home to make sure our BAG2WORK-campaign launches with a bang. Floor and Niels are still in Greece, organising the last things. Coming back the way they came: by truck.

Since we got a bunch of tools donated by Gered Gereedschap, we, in our turn, donated them to the people that will be able to make good use of them.
Eko Project is busy building a new library. Meanwhile in the Vasilika camp, our baker friend Mahajid transformed his tent into a sturdy winter proof house. As the nights are getting colder, people are preparing, as good as possible, for winter.

We gave Mahajid a hand sewing machine and he tells us that everyday there are people that come to his tenthouse to fix up their clothes, they all get a turn. We gave him the machine, and he made sure that it is put to useful and communal use.

Nobody knows what will happen when the cold will set in, and everybody is still sleeping in tents that are roofed by big, open concrete warehouses, that are hard to heat up and will flood when it rains. Most people in Vasilika got the date of their second interview.  Unbelievably, some will have to wait till next August, knowing that there is still a third interview after that.

While the refugees’ living conditions are hardly humane, it is clear now that they will be here for a long time still. Fortunately, the incredible volunteers at Eko Project are providing more and more activities, building on a brighter place for the refugees to learn, connect and be busy. And fortunately, there are people like Mahajid. He bakes fresh bread in his home made oven, for the people in the camp who cannot afford it.

In the coming days we will divide the rest of our tools and a flag workshop box, to drop them off at other places that could use them.

We set foot in Greece this summer, diving into this unpredictable adventure. We’ll leave with a lot of new experiences, being more aware of the situation and the cause we are working for. For now we will return to Amsterdam, to put our energy into another challenging project. But we know that someday we will return back to Greece, because there is a lot more to do and we are not finished here yet!


House built by Mahajid
Mahajid’s house next to the other tents
Hand sewing machine is in good hands..!



Look at that Singer shininging!
Baking bread for the community