Vacancy: Crowdfunding campaigner for BAG2WORK

Remember how the No Mad Makers got started?
With a workshop on Lesvos, making bags from boats and life vests, together with refugees.

After Al Jazeera published a movie about the project, it was seen by millions. Many people wanted to buy the bags. But there was no way we could meet the demand. We did workshops, not webshops.

Since then our design has been nominated for a New Material Award and a hotspot presentation at the Dutch Design Week. The Dutch Design Foundation offered us a crowdfunding campaign that will be promoted by their media contacts and guided by agency Douw&Koren. And we met Makers Unite, who are setting up a production facility to create jobs for refugees in Amsterdam.

It looks like pieces of the production puzzle are falling into place.

What if we set up a crowdfunding campaign to finance the production of 500 bags, made by refugees who get paid for their work?

People who back the campaign would eventually receive a bag with a story to carry with them, helping refugees in Amsterdam to gain back their autonomy.

Our problem is… we are in Greece, doing what we do best: workshops with refugees. We do not have the time (nor the knowhow) to set up a crowdfunding campaign over the coming months.

That’s why we are looking for a Crowdfunding Campaign Expert. Someone who knows how to sell 500 bags on Kickstarter. Someone who speaks English and Dutch. Preferably someone who has some experience in campaigning for a good cause. And someone who has time and energy to make this project come alive over the coming months.

If you are that person, or you know someone who is fit for the job, then we would love to hear from you.
Please get in touch before the 1st of September